Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does It Really Matter?

That's the question I have been asking myself lately. I already know I have brain damage. I already know I have the symptoms that make me a "Clinical Profile" of ADHD. So there it is, the answer to the question that is the name of my blog. But.....Does it really matter? Does it help me or anyone else to know that? There is already a significant number of blogs out there that deal with both of these subjects.

I need to decide what I need to focus on, or not focus on either subject in my blog. Lately I have been reading real books, (you know the kind that have real paper pages and don't require electricity or the internet...lol). Two of these books are heavy used textbooks>"Understanding Psychology" and "Modern Biology". Both of these books explain how neurons work in detail. Along with genetics and so many other things that relate to how the brain works and the conflicting theories that Dr.'s have debated on.

So I will be posting more articles that have to do with my interpretation of written material that deal with brain function and behaviour.