Friday, September 30, 2011

Psychological Procrastination? Or Physiological Procrastination?

What subject could ever be more appropriate than "Procrastination" for the way I have (or more honest to say:"have not") given attention to my blog? But wait a minute before you roll your eyes and click that 'X' up there in the corner! I will use "Justification"(just a big word for an excuse)and try to convince everyone that it's my "Prefrontal Cortex" who is the "Procrastinater". I'll explain later on in this post, when I get to the Physiological subject.

But first I will give my opinion of the theoretical "Psychological causes of procrastination" that could be a fun subject to debate. Some of the things that I have read talk about issues of anxiety, low sense of self-worth, and a self-defeating mentality. Even "Neuroticism" is mentioned in some articles, but I don't see any connection to any of those issues. I think it's a normal human function to procrastinate from time to time without causing any real problems....But when it becomes a destructive force that causes problems that will eventually produce the symptoms of anxiety,low sense of self and so on...That's where I believe the "Physiological Procrastination" needs to be considered.

The area of the brain that is responsible for executive brain functions such as planning, impulse control, attention, and acts as a filter by decreasing distracting stimuli from other brain regions is....BINGO! The Prefrontal Cortex! It's not a theory that damage or low activation in this area can reduce an individual's ability to filter out distracting stimuli, ultimately resulting in poorer organization, a loss of attention and increased procrastination. This is similar to the prefrontal lobe's role in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, where underactivation is common....and...That's a Fact! So as I promised in my last blog post,I gave my interpretation of some of the things I read about. Even though I did procrastinate. :)