Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hold on! Not So Fast!

As I try to find the words to use for my next (this) post about my Neuropsychological Evaluation, and how it resulted in an ADHD clinical profile. I find it is hard for me to truly accept some of the written words on the evaluation. There are 33 seperate "ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES" btw, but one was the Conners' Performance Test-II. The exact words of Dr.Ruwe were: "Overall, his response profile revealed impulsivity, viligance or sustained attention limitations.This classification is made with a high degree of confidence(i.e.,the chances are approximately 83 out of 100 that a clincally significant problem exists)."

The words "significant problem" just don't seam to go with "83 out of 100" to me. Does this mean there is a 17% chance that I am ok? I have more work that I need to do (reading,searching,ect..) before I can continue to post on this subject. If I want to help anyone with this blog, I need to get the facts straight on this. If I have a "significant problem", what good can I do and why would anyone want to trust a man with a "significant problem"?

I know this sounds like I am giving up, but I'm not giving up, and I will have more post's on my blog.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Review: ADHD MEDICATION Rules by Dr. Charles Parker

 This book by Dr. Charles Parker is a must read for patients with ADHD or for anyone who knows someone with ADHD who is taking medication for ADHD! Also for anyone who is even thinking about being treated for ADHD. Dr. Parker explains how medication works to help us pay attention for one thing.

He writes about the scientific facts of  how the brain reacts to many different medications that too many Doctors don't bother to consider when prescribing medications for they're patients they are treating for ADHD. You will see that Dr. Parker will show you that we, and many of our Doctors, MUST CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK about treatment for ADHD! I will promise you that this book will help you, if you read it! It has and still is helping me!

Go check out Dr.Parker's Blog

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who Said You Have ADD?...neuropsychological evaluation

 Recently, I responded to some comment's made by a person with ADHD on a blog. He/She(?) I will just say "00") wrote the reason's for viewing ADHD as a  "gift". I won't go into detail about why. "00" appeared to be upset with my response's( my fault,I was using sarcasm to make some of my points). Then questioned my honesty/knowledge about being a Man with ADD.

 "Who said  you have ADD?" was one of the question's "00" asked me. So I answered and gave "00" this link> Which is a post by me on my(this) blog. I don't know if "00" looked at it, and that is irrelevent to this post. But this event ("00" comment) led to this post you are about to read right now. So here it is.  Aren't You Soooooooo exited!!? (Heh Heh, lie and say: "Yes!")

                                                Neuropsycological Evaluation

    On my last scheduled M.S. apt.(June 17 2010) I remembered to ask for a copy of my NE (Neuropsychological Evaluation). Because so far, I have only copies of my M.S. Specialists (Dr. Pardo) report about a few things on my NE and the treatment suggested by Dr. Ruwe for ADHD. They(the reports) don't go into details about test score's and  ADHD.
 I was a bit stunned when I opened up an 18 page report dated 11/19/07! So I will just post the significant and somewhat humbling results. There are many categories in this test, one being the Mini-Mental State Examination. Guess what? I'm not a hoo...Dr. Ruwe said: "On measures of general intellectual functioning, Mr. Hutson performed between the average and high average range."  (OK, not too bad, I reckon. But no gift's there, huh?) "His performance on the on the verbal subtests yielded a Verbal Scale IQ score of 109,which is in the average range, albeit one point below the high average range." (OK, then I'm avarage and not unique or gifted).
 There's allot more to all this that I will keep adding to this post. So hopefully, you may be interested in how Dr. Ruwe, Psy.D, Ph.D came to a Diagnoses of ADHD after seeing many test score's, talking to my wife, then me, and much more. He's no dummy and He mentions the frontal lobe-bilateral damage etc...
But for now, I would like to know if any one is interested in this? And how science meets ADHD and how these Neuropsych tests are something to consider if you or someone you know is having mental problems. I will keep adding no matter what, but I hope this will be of help to other ADDers and non-ADDers who are interested this subject.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why do I Think This Is True? ....Scienctific Facts.

The more I read, the more I think. The more I think, the more I beleive. It's scientific research that helps me answer the question that became the name of my blog. It's leading me to.....BOTH! Here's why> I read alot about the way the brain works (for obvious reasons). So one of the things I read today while searching this website about a subject I commented on at Jeff's blog(see why I go there on a previuos post here), caught my attn.!...(lol, that sounds so funny to me when I say, "caught my attn.")

I had apperently search this site before, but did'nt realy read much there, it shows the last time I visited was back in '08. But today I took the time to read some more things and found some pages that helped me understand more about myself. In the one I showed the link too up above, it said some things about certain genes that caused thinner levels in areas of the brain, of children w/ADHD, that may get thicker as they grow up, and not have most af the symptoms of ADHD later on. Then on down the page it talks about brain injury/damage and the frontal lobe area causing ADD like symptoms in ppl that were'nt having these symptoms before. So you may ask, "How does this tie together for you Scott?" I can answer that one! Yoo- Hoo! The answer is not a reason to Yoo-Hoo about, but finding it is...for me.

My wife, Carolyn is pretty good at watching and noticeing how ppl talk and act, when she is around them. That may be why she is good at talking and knowing how to make ppl feel good about being her friend. Because they feel she knows them(because she does, even better than they think she She has always noticed how much I act and even have some of the same facial expressions that my Mom had.(She passed away in May of 2005). And knew Mom was a bit ADD. I did'nt even know what ADD was when she was alive, but I can sure see what is was/is now. Also my brother(it's obviuos to anyone), but I never had thought about it before...untill now.

So here it is> The damage in my brain is located all around it, one of the frontal lobe ones is the one that had immflamation that was shown to us by M.S. Dr. on the MRI (at that appt..... I get an MRI from time to time on the day of my appt.), that needed the Chemo treatments a couple yrs. ago. Also, to make this even more convincing to me is, when I had my brain biopsy in the beggining of this journey that began Aug.06, my Nuerosurgean took the sample from one of the other frontal lobe tumors( the scar is in line with my right eye, just above my hairline), because it was the safest place to operate and not take chance of screwing me up real bad by taking the sample from the big one close to my left ear(top of page). Also (it gets even that was the thinnest area/level of my brain, and made it even safer to operate on.

So, what I am thinking about is, the damage now is just making a condition I always have had, more obvious.

That's just something I need to think about, I rekon. It won't cure me to know this, but it may help me find an answer to a question that nobody else can answer....YET!

Let me know what you think, if you feel like it, I hope you do!


I want to mention what inspired me to write this post,  Jeff's blog is also where I get the links to many of my searches about this! Here's another link I found @ Jeff's

It proves nothing, but it's something to think about.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I used this title to my post to hopefully explain why I think I can help some people with Adult A.D.D..First of all, I cannot answer my own question. But if you have read my posts on this blog, you might understand why I asked it.

Before I was ever dx'ed with any disease, I knew I was just delaying the realization that I had a problem. I used all the self medicating substances availavlbe to forget what I knew. It only caused me to remember that I was screwed up, so try another one...on and on for most my life.

Then ...."WHAMO!!"...It became a matter of life or......DEATH! Not only physicaly, but mentaly. Physicaly, I had to control blood suger,blood pressure,and weight(diabetes type 2) or die. Which I did, with the help and support of Carolyn, my 2nd wife(for the last 6+ yrs). She had already put Her foot down,so to speak, while we were engaged(before I had any dx'ed diseases) to be married, about my "Way of living", that became obvious to Her! That is a long story about how she saved my life(that time) though.

Mentaly, I had to accept the fact that A.D.D. is real, and that I have it. I did'nt accept that fact when first dx'ed with it, but I did take the presrcibed medications, and noticed, well not just me, but everyone that knows me, I was better at paying attn.,staying on task,...etc... But I still was'nt educated about A.D.D.,and was'nt dealing with the many other symptoms that come with A.D.D.. I am now, by learning about A.D.D. and how we are all affected with some(alot) of the same symptoms, but we are all INDIVIDUALS, and need help in different ways to "Deal with Adult A.D.D."

So what I am trying to explain is, some of the big problems that WILL occur, can be dealt with, when you accept the HARD FACTS that A.D.D. is REAL, and we have to find out the way to deal/manage it, as best we can, and not dwell on "DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU AND ME?" It did happen, and ya can't change that, but you can Live or..........

Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading Minds Help Me!.. blogs are therepy, if you listen.

This is a post that has been on my "My Mind" from the day I started this blog. And the facts of life, as I see them, that can help us understand how ADD can be managed...if we open our "Minds".

If you have read my first post  you know that I changed my "Mind" about the reason I started this blog. Some of you know me as a frequent commenter at Jeffs blog  and may wonder why I have'nt mentioned Jeff in any of my posts. The answer is: I was worried that Jeff's blog may be infected and recieve traffic from ppl w/Multiple Sclerosis, that thought they could be helped w/that disease @ his blog. That is not what Jeff's blog is about, and before I sterted this blog I e-mailed Jeff and Gina Pera and told them my plans and concerns about this, and that I would not give links to there websites, until they were ready. They both replied that very day and they understood my concerns. They also both recomended that I e-mail them both about this(which I had already done.. lol). But that shows they have respect for each other...and me.

Jeffs blog has been, and still is, very helpfull to me! His way of writing and explaining his own ADD, and what he has discovered about the affects of ADD on us and our families/freinds, is the best blog on the internet, and I highly recommend it!! I recommend you first read the name of the blog: "Jeff's  A.D.D. Mind". before making a judgement. That is Jeff's "Mind", and you will understand why he wants to help us manage and deal with our own "A.D.D. Minds"

So, you know now, how much I have been helped by Jeff & Gina, and that they both see that I am trying to help others with my own blog(in my own sometimes confusing way of speaking my own "Mind").