Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who Said You Have ADD?...neuropsychological evaluation

 Recently, I responded to some comment's made by a person with ADHD on a blog. He/She(?) I will just say "00") wrote the reason's for viewing ADHD as a  "gift". I won't go into detail about why. "00" appeared to be upset with my response's( my fault,I was using sarcasm to make some of my points). Then questioned my honesty/knowledge about being a Man with ADD.

 "Who said  you have ADD?" was one of the question's "00" asked me. So I answered and gave "00" this link> Which is a post by me on my(this) blog. I don't know if "00" looked at it, and that is irrelevent to this post. But this event ("00" comment) led to this post you are about to read right now. So here it is.  Aren't You Soooooooo exited!!? (Heh Heh, lie and say: "Yes!")

                                                Neuropsycological Evaluation

    On my last scheduled M.S. apt.(June 17 2010) I remembered to ask for a copy of my NE (Neuropsychological Evaluation). Because so far, I have only copies of my M.S. Specialists (Dr. Pardo) report about a few things on my NE and the treatment suggested by Dr. Ruwe for ADHD. They(the reports) don't go into details about test score's and  ADHD.
 I was a bit stunned when I opened up an 18 page report dated 11/19/07! So I will just post the significant and somewhat humbling results. There are many categories in this test, one being the Mini-Mental State Examination. Guess what? I'm not a hoo...Dr. Ruwe said: "On measures of general intellectual functioning, Mr. Hutson performed between the average and high average range."  (OK, not too bad, I reckon. But no gift's there, huh?) "His performance on the on the verbal subtests yielded a Verbal Scale IQ score of 109,which is in the average range, albeit one point below the high average range." (OK, then I'm avarage and not unique or gifted).
 There's allot more to all this that I will keep adding to this post. So hopefully, you may be interested in how Dr. Ruwe, Psy.D, Ph.D came to a Diagnoses of ADHD after seeing many test score's, talking to my wife, then me, and much more. He's no dummy and He mentions the frontal lobe-bilateral damage etc...
But for now, I would like to know if any one is interested in this? And how science meets ADHD and how these Neuropsych tests are something to consider if you or someone you know is having mental problems. I will keep adding no matter what, but I hope this will be of help to other ADDers and non-ADDers who are interested this subject.



  1. Scott, Have you ever ben tested for toxins such as Mercury, aluminum, Lead, Cadmium? And do you drink or eat (or chew gum) anything containing Aspartame? From what I've read, many people have been misdiagnosed with M.S. when it was poisoning from Aspartame. Apparently it converts to formaldehyde in on'es body and causes all kinds of neurological problems. Just a thought.Candy

  2. Hello Candy! Thanks for visiting and commenting! And yes I have been tested for these things, and just about anything that has ever been tested (lol, I exaggerate a bit). Thank you for caring and the advise Candy. Many ppl have mentioned Aspertame poisoning to me when I tell them I have been diagnosed M.S..

    I only wish it was that simple. So far I haven't seen any reports of Aspertame showing MRI presentations of brain tumors/lesions. But that dosen't mean it won't for some people I rekon. I certainly hope not though.

    I was so glad to see that you have commented on my "not so interesting" blog! I had almost decided to quit bothering to keep it going(a few times lol). It's my fault for procrastinating and not posting more often. But just today I was thinking(uh oh) and I have some ideas on how to get more done in less time and typing on the subject of science involved in the NS evaluation. I don't want it be about me personaly, but me as ginny pig(example) of how NueroPsychologist's take into consideration the location of lesions,symptoms..etc..etc.

    Thanks Again Candy!

  3. Yes, I'm interested!

    Scott, I thought I had subscribed to your blog, but apparently not. I just ran across this post.

    I subscribed again.

  4. Hello Gina!, I knew you would be interested! I don't announce my blog posts allot yet. I am a bit out of the "Box of ADHDers" search, I think for reasons of the circumstances that have compelled me to use a blog to help solve a puzzle that has important pieces missing.

    Our brains are the most important part of body, and anything that I think is worth considering, I will transfer from my scans(I just scanned all 18 pages yesterday)to a post here, and point out the things that are very interesting to me. Not all pages on one post though,lol, that would be silly. So there will be many individual posts forthcoming.

    I think I'll have some fun doing it this way,instead of exhausting myself by typing,spell-check,and all the time consuming one finger typing while reading Dr.Ruwe's report. Thank you Gina!!