Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Review: ADHD MEDICATION Rules by Dr. Charles Parker

 This book by Dr. Charles Parker is a must read for patients with ADHD or for anyone who knows someone with ADHD who is taking medication for ADHD! Also for anyone who is even thinking about being treated for ADHD. Dr. Parker explains how medication works to help us pay attention for one thing.

He writes about the scientific facts of  how the brain reacts to many different medications that too many Doctors don't bother to consider when prescribing medications for they're patients they are treating for ADHD. You will see that Dr. Parker will show you that we, and many of our Doctors, MUST CHANGE THE WAY WE THINK about treatment for ADHD! I will promise you that this book will help you, if you read it! It has and still is helping me!

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  1. Scott,
    Thanks for your kind remarks over here... surprising how easy it is to master the details on the meds with only a slightly deeper bit of thinking about diagnosis and how-to-adjust-dosage. DOE Rules!

  2. Dr.P., Hello!,

    It was my pleasure to review your book! And yes, it is surprising how easy it is. But what was or has been more surprising to me, is what I see people posting on various blogs, about the medications prescribed by they're Doctors. Many complain that the meds are not working for them, or make them feel worse,,,,etc,etc. and also complain about the Doctors that presribed them. These are just some of the people that need your book! Take it with them when they see they're Doctors, and point out the facts that relate to them maybe.

    I'm lucky, (well lucky in an ironic way lol) to have doctors that send(fax) each other my lab reports,examination reports,Meds I'm taking and general info,ect,,, after every examination(appt.). But I take such a variety of meds, for different things, it is a matter of life and/or death (to put it mildly lol) if they don't. I can see you have in your book pointed this serious subject of some Doctors not taking into account things like that.

    Thanks much Dr.P. for everything you are doing! ....Scott