Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'M WEARING A DOUBLE DD!! denial and dilemma.....

Will the title to this post, get a reaction? Maybe.  I have'nt published many post yet(obviously),but I read all the comments. Comments from my 1st post http://addmsorboth.blogspot.com/2009/08/it-is-add.html have given me the inspiration to continue, and write about things that I think about, that may be of interest to all people with any ADD related symptoms, including people like myself with "Traveling Companions"(other malfunctions..Brain or Body). Soooo here I go>>>>,

I went to my once every 6 mo. appt. for M.S. on Dec. 17th  2010. This time I had a brain MRI right before seeing my Dr. @ the same Hospital complex, next door to the Mercy Institute of Nuerogical Science, where my Dr.s office is. It's easy for me now,because I have had many brain MRI's there, and they give me the pictures shortly after, and I can walk directly to my Dr.'s office with the results. Good News!!...? Not much change in the MRI, and I am (exact words of  my Dr.) maintaining, and have such a great attitude, and a desire to not let this brain disease get the best of me (mentaly).

"What is your dillema(the second "D") then, Scott?" You may ask me. I will answer.> I do not want to "maintain"! I don't truly beleive that I realy have M.S.,(denial? the first "D") and I can make this go away, whatever it is! Look! I have diabetes type 2, and when I found out I had it, I went on a low carb diet, and stop eating anything until dinner. I take 2 metforman a day, and at every Dr.(my GP appt.), my lab tests are great! I weigh 165 lb.s every time, and keep high BPressure under control(2 lisinopryls a day). I am taking Adderal20XR every day 5 A.M. and dealing with the ADD(you be the judge, I can't because I have ADD...LOL). I will take all my meds and be treated for M.S..and all  things untill I can be absolutely sure of any other way to get better.

Denial is an over-used word maybe, for many of us. We are (most of us) not religious fanatics that believe a "Higher Power" will cure us, so we stop taking meds and refuse any type of treatment. That is, in my opinion, suicide! And an unforgivable crime, when the parent of a helpless child does that!

I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do KNOW how it feels to have ADHD/ADD/Adult ADD with "Traveling Companions". And I KNOW that you do too, if you.....(tell your story please).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is ADD a gift or not? The proof is "IN THE PUDDING"

Well that's a silly title to a post about the ongoing debate about ADD being a "Gift" to a person with ADD/ADHD! Well look who's writing it! lol. Nuff said about how weird I am, so I will explain>

When I was first dx w/ADD, I only knew what the letters stood for. And so, ok thats me for sure. I started taking the meds and it made a big difference right away. Not so much to me, but my wife and other ppl that knew me, noticed I was paying attn. better, and could go get something without stopping and fixing every little thing I saw on my way, not even remembering what I was going to get.(does this sound familiar?) Then when they pointed that out to me, thats when I started noticing it!

I was dx'ed and taking meds for quite awhile before I started searching the web about ADD, and found some sights that talked about ADD being a gift. It said things about being endowed with some gifts that I had, like fixing or seeing an obvious solution to things quickly that others could'nt do or see! So WOW! I'm a freekin genius! I have all these intellecual thoughts speeding through my mind! Then after awhile, I came down to earth and started seeing the road I had been walking down, for most of my life.

These "speeding thoughts" racing through my mind. Thats always bothered me my whole life. What good is something that has only caused me to interupt ppl, keep me awake at night, make serious decisions quickly,and regret them later? Thats only the tip of the iceberg, about how these "gifts" have controled me.

I like pudding. So I will make some occasionaly. If I forget to put the right ingredients in it, it dose'nt taste good. If I fix it right it will taste great! But it's still pudding, no matter what, and it's not a healthy food.