Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is ADD

I started this blog to see if I could find scientific proof  that ADD and M.S. are somehow related to each other. I deleted all previous posts for these reasons,,,,please read this.

I realized yesterday, while working on my garden, the harm I am doing to myself and others.  I was being selfish and in search for something that I thought would help me. I just need to admit to myself that I have ADD.(ADHD/Adult ADD..etc,I will just say "ADD" in all my posts).

The only thing I do know is, I cannot prove to anyone via scientific evidence, that I have ADD,or M.S..I can prove >> I absolutely do have ADD from eye-witness acounts of my life(family,friends,etc....). Now that they know, they can tell me the things they were worried about for so many years, and were afraid to tell me, for fear of hurting our relationships.(I can/would be very defensive about my own faults)

 An all day NeuroPsych. exam, that my M.S. Dr..... http://www.mercyok.com/nsi/ms.asp sent me to get, was the best thing, I have done, so far, to improve my quality of life.I was diagnosed Adult A.D.D., and am taking meds for it.

I never even thought about ADD or M.S. before Aug.06, at the age of 46, I started having problems with pronouncing words and motor skills in my right hand. This led to discovery of 12 brain tumors via of MRI presentation. That led to brain biopsy, Atypical findings in samples sent to 3 hospitals,..on and on.

I am being treated for M.S., it's such a long story, but I have no choice, besides death, but to continue taking the medications and treatments for M.S. The main one being seizure meds, which is one of  the Atypical symptoms (2-5% of M.S. patients), of the many other Atypical M.S. symptoms (tumors?lesions?locations among some of them)I have. So I am not a good example of  M.S. cognition being related to ADD. Maybe brain damage location, that has caused my already existing ADD to be even more noticeable.

So I will try to concentrate(hyperfocus...lol) on ADD, and see where this leads. Feel free to comment,and say what you think about this or me, or tell me your story about your own ADD or someone you know w/ADD..etc....Thank You!!!



  1. Hi Scott,

    I think it must be very hard to separate the issues. Why not write about all of it?

    So many people assume that ADHD travels alone, but it almost never does. There is almost always a traveling companion, such as anxiety or depression and even diabetes or hypertension.

    I look forward to reading what you have to say!


  2. Gina!!,

    Thank you! I think I will! I was just thinking about..what could I do here to make this blog more interesting,and helpful to others dealing with the way the mind/brain deals us it own confusing hand of cards.


  3. "Now that they know, they can tell me the things they were worried about for so many years, and were afraid to tell me, for fear of hurting our relationships.(I can/would be very defensive about my own faults)" I don't know what you're talking about Scott...hahaha.

    Anyway...I mentioned to you before that my mom was diagnosed with MS many years ago, and I strongly suspect ADHD to be at play with her too (I'm the only "official" ADHD dx in my family). But you may also find this interesting...I had some unusual and years long auto-immune phenomema when I was a child, that were temporarily debilitating...and my family on my mother's is one big mixed bag of various mental disorders including severe anxiety and depression and other stuff never officialy dx'ed, diabetics (which can have an auto-immune component, and people with other strange auto-immune diagnoses like Reynaud's, Fibromyalgia and of course my mother's MS diagnosis.

    So...who knows what connections medical research may find in the future...maybe I should submit my family to be considered for a study, lol...

    As for what to post...just post what you're thinking about and I bet people will find it interesting most of the time :)

  4. I hope you write more about your M.S. It's amazing how many things humans have to handle in a lifetime.

    When my therapist first suggested that I might have ADD months ago, my first thought was: Great. I have heart disease (three heart attacks and counting), diabetes, depression, and now ADD. Just what I need.

    On the bright side, I'm starting to think that a lot of my depression is actually a result of untreated ADD; so there's one thing I might be able to cross off my list. Yee-ha.

  5. Mark, I think you are absoluty right about untreated ADD. If you have'nt already looked into what Gina Pera calls "Traveling Companion's" with ADD/ADHD, then I hope will.

    I highly recommend Gina's book "Is it You? Me? or Adult ADD?". It has truly been a "Gift" for me! She has devoted her life to helping all people that are affected by ADD, wheather it's us ADD'ers, or the people that love us!

    I know from what you have said here, and on your own blog, that you are trying your best to deal with this, and not letting it beat you Bro.!

  6. I have Gina's book on order. I'm clearing off my bookshelf for more.