Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hold on! Not So Fast!

As I try to find the words to use for my next (this) post about my Neuropsychological Evaluation, and how it resulted in an ADHD clinical profile. I find it is hard for me to truly accept some of the written words on the evaluation. There are 33 seperate "ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES" btw, but one was the Conners' Performance Test-II. The exact words of Dr.Ruwe were: "Overall, his response profile revealed impulsivity, viligance or sustained attention limitations.This classification is made with a high degree of confidence(i.e.,the chances are approximately 83 out of 100 that a clincally significant problem exists)."

The words "significant problem" just don't seam to go with "83 out of 100" to me. Does this mean there is a 17% chance that I am ok? I have more work that I need to do (reading,searching,ect..) before I can continue to post on this subject. If I want to help anyone with this blog, I need to get the facts straight on this. If I have a "significant problem", what good can I do and why would anyone want to trust a man with a "significant problem"?

I know this sounds like I am giving up, but I'm not giving up, and I will have more post's on my blog.