Friday, January 8, 2010

Reading Minds Help Me!.. blogs are therepy, if you listen.

This is a post that has been on my "My Mind" from the day I started this blog. And the facts of life, as I see them, that can help us understand how ADD can be managed...if we open our "Minds".

If you have read my first post  you know that I changed my "Mind" about the reason I started this blog. Some of you know me as a frequent commenter at Jeffs blog  and may wonder why I have'nt mentioned Jeff in any of my posts. The answer is: I was worried that Jeff's blog may be infected and recieve traffic from ppl w/Multiple Sclerosis, that thought they could be helped w/that disease @ his blog. That is not what Jeff's blog is about, and before I sterted this blog I e-mailed Jeff and Gina Pera and told them my plans and concerns about this, and that I would not give links to there websites, until they were ready. They both replied that very day and they understood my concerns. They also both recomended that I e-mail them both about this(which I had already done.. lol). But that shows they have respect for each other...and me.

Jeffs blog has been, and still is, very helpfull to me! His way of writing and explaining his own ADD, and what he has discovered about the affects of ADD on us and our families/freinds, is the best blog on the internet, and I highly recommend it!! I recommend you first read the name of the blog: "Jeff's  A.D.D. Mind". before making a judgement. That is Jeff's "Mind", and you will understand why he wants to help us manage and deal with our own "A.D.D. Minds"

So, you know now, how much I have been helped by Jeff & Gina, and that they both see that I am trying to help others with my own blog(in my own sometimes confusing way of speaking my own "Mind").


  1. Hi Scott,

    I hope 2010 is treating you well!


  2. Hi Gina!,

    Thank you, and I hope 2010 is treating you well, also!

    Your most recent post on your blog is great(as usual), and the testimonies of ppl included in it, show the real life(reality of)A.D.D.!

    You are also a great example of this post I wrote today about Jeff's blog! That's where I found you and your book! This will be a good year, if I want it to be, and I do!

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  4. Scott: I just posted a note to you on Jeff's blog, but for some unknown reason not all of it got posted--mostly just the part I quoted. It's okay, though. I didn't say anything all that earth-shaking anyway...a little bit more snark about people who can hyperfocus in the kitchen (I'm jealous because I can't do it) which you can probably live without.

    I agree with your assessment of Jeff's blog, BTW. It's one of the best ADD blogs on the Internet. Not the biggest by a long way, but I really like the people who hang out there. Yourself very much included, of course...even if you CAN hyperfocus in the kitchen! :-)


  5. Linda! Thanks for stopping by! I saw your comment @Jeffs, any I am glad you did! I'm slow gettin to my own blog and publishing posts. I'm new to this blog thing,and I am hoping I can be helpfull to others with it.

    One of the best ways is to guide ppl to other blogs about ADD I think. Jeffs and Gina's are the ones I visit mostly, but the hours in a day are not long enough to get anything done as good as I would like to.

    So anyone who comments here can be accesed by clicking on there name(saves me allot of Of course you know that, and that is why I published your comment, along with just being glad you did!