Sunday, January 24, 2010


I used this title to my post to hopefully explain why I think I can help some people with Adult A.D.D..First of all, I cannot answer my own question. But if you have read my posts on this blog, you might understand why I asked it.

Before I was ever dx'ed with any disease, I knew I was just delaying the realization that I had a problem. I used all the self medicating substances availavlbe to forget what I knew. It only caused me to remember that I was screwed up, so try another one...on and on for most my life.

Then ...."WHAMO!!"...It became a matter of life or......DEATH! Not only physicaly, but mentaly. Physicaly, I had to control blood suger,blood pressure,and weight(diabetes type 2) or die. Which I did, with the help and support of Carolyn, my 2nd wife(for the last 6+ yrs). She had already put Her foot down,so to speak, while we were engaged(before I had any dx'ed diseases) to be married, about my "Way of living", that became obvious to Her! That is a long story about how she saved my life(that time) though.

Mentaly, I had to accept the fact that A.D.D. is real, and that I have it. I did'nt accept that fact when first dx'ed with it, but I did take the presrcibed medications, and noticed, well not just me, but everyone that knows me, I was better at paying attn.,staying on task,...etc... But I still was'nt educated about A.D.D.,and was'nt dealing with the many other symptoms that come with A.D.D.. I am now, by learning about A.D.D. and how we are all affected with some(alot) of the same symptoms, but we are all INDIVIDUALS, and need help in different ways to "Deal with Adult A.D.D."

So what I am trying to explain is, some of the big problems that WILL occur, can be dealt with, when you accept the HARD FACTS that A.D.D. is REAL, and we have to find out the way to deal/manage it, as best we can, and not dwell on "DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO YOU AND ME?" It did happen, and ya can't change that, but you can Live or..........

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